Biden Shoots Down Balloon, Tommy Inhales Balloon & Republicans Freak Out Again


Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes talk about Balloon-gate, Biden’s State of the Union address, the latest in Ukraine, the deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria and how to help, Pope Francis denouncing anti-gay laws, and gang violence in Haiti. Then, Ben talks with Rep. Ilhan Omar about her recent removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the message it sends globally.

0:00 – Intro
3:35 – Chinese spy balloon
18:48 – SOTU
22:55 – Trump’s 2024 campaign
27:00 – Turkey earthquake
35:16 – The Pope’s diplomacy
38:55 – Haiti updates
42:18 – Ukraine/Russia updates
47:55 – Vice Taliban article
51:36 – Rep. Ilhan Omar interview

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