Tennessee Titans Playoff Chances and Scenarios Week 17: All Eyes on Jacksonville


The Tennessee Titans enter their Thursday Night Football matchup on a 5-game losing streak with their starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill likely out for the season, their star running back Derrick Henry banged up, and a front office in flux after general manager Jon Robinson was fired several weeks ago. So, for us to be talking about the Titans’ playoff chances and scenarios in Week 17 is nothing short of a miracle.

Titans Playoff Scenarios To Watch For in Week 17

We’re going to make this simple — there is no way the Titans can clinch a playoff berth in Week 17. The Titans, for all intents and purposes, are playing for the AFC South Division Title in Week 18. Their competition? The Jacksonville Jaguars. To understand why that is the case, let’s run through every possible scenario in Week 17.

The Titans lose to the Cowboys, and the Jaguars beat the Texans
Whoever wins in Week 18 will be in. The Titans will have a 7-9 record entering the game, and the Jaguars will be 8-8. If the Titans win, both teams will be 8-9, and the Titans will have the playoff tiebreaker of a better divisional record than the Jaguars. If they tie in Week 18, Jacksonville will be in the playoffs based on winning their earlier meeting this season. Additionally, the Titans do not have a path where if they miss out on the division, they can earn a Wild Card spot.

The Titans and Jaguars lose in Week 17
It’s simple — both teams will be 7-9 entering Week 18. With both having the same record, the winner is crowned the AFC South Division Champions. If they tie in Week 18, the Jaguars get into the playoffs. There would be no path for the losing team to clinch the last Wild Card spot.

Titans beat the Cowboys, and the Jaguars beat the Texans
Both teams will have an 8-8 record, and the winner in Week 18 will head to the playoffs. However, if they tied in Week 18 following both victories in Week 17, Jacksonville would get into the playoffs. If the Titans lost in Week 18 after beating the Cowboys, they’d have an 8-9 record.

The Titans beat the Cowboys, and the Jaguars lose to the Texans
It still comes down to the matchup in Week 18. However, in this scenario, a tie game in Week 18 would result in the Titans making the playoffs and not the Jaguars. Like the scenario above, if the Titans beat the Cowboys but lost in Week 18, there would be no scenario where they can clinch the last Wild Card spot.

The Titans and Jaguars both tie in Week 17
The matchup in Week 18 will still be for the division title. However, if the teams tied in Week 18, the Jaguars would hold the tiebreaker and be crowned the AFC South Division Champions.

What Are the Titans’ Playoff Chances?

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Titans currently have a 26% chance of making the playoffs. The Jaguars, based on a multitude of variables, have a 76% chance to make the playoffs. The percentage for the Titans changes a little based on the results in Week 17, but the highest chances they are given are 33% if they win and the Jaguars lose. At Draftkings Sportsbook, the Titans’ odds of making the playoffs sit at +175.

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