The Official Match Ball of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is manufactured in Pakistan | Al-Rihla | #shorts


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FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled for November this year. The biggest sporting event of soccer is going to be held in Qatar this year.

Although Pakistan isn’t among the teams competing in the World Cup this year, still Pakistan is being represented in the World Cup because the official match ball of the World Cup was manufactured in Pakistan.

The name of the official match ball is Al-Rihla and was manufactured in the Pakistani city of Sialkot. The city of Sialkot is famous for sporting goods all around the globe.

In this YouTube Short, I try to explain in detail the official match ball of the FIFA World Cup and the role of Sialkot city, in the global manufacturing of sports goods and the economy of Pakistan.

I hope you’ll like it 🙏🏼

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