Preview Caribbean Athletes At 2022 Lausanne Diamond League of What To Expect


The most prestigious annual track and field competition in Europe, The Athletissima Annual Lausanne Diamond League athletics meeting kicks off on Thursday (August 25) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it promises to be Quite an exciting one for our Caribbean athletes as they will aim to win races and gain points in order to qualify for the Diamond League Final.

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0:00 – Lausanne Diamond League Reviews
1:21 – Men’s Triple Jump 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
1:54 – Men’s Javelin Throw 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
2:25 – Women 400m Hurdles 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
2:54 – Men 110m Hurdles 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
3:30 – Women 100m 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
4:10 – Women 100m Hurdles 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
4:51 – Women 400m 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
5:39 – Mens’ 200m 2022 Lausanne Diamond League
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