CBC News: The National | Desperate need in Haiti, Voting in a pandemic, Taliban’s future


August 18, 2021 | The delays in getting crucial supplies to those in need after Haiti’s earthquake is creating a desperate situation on the ground. Elections Canada lays out its plans to keep voting safe during the federal election. And, a look at who’s currently funding the Taliban and the future could hold.

00:00 The National for August 18, 2021
01:08 Despair, hopelessness in Haiti after earthquake
05:29 Supply issues, pandemic closures drive inflation surge
07:48 Canada Votes: on the campaign trail
07:57 O’Toole takes aim at Liberal controversies
08:19 Trudeau pledges $500M for wildfires
08:44 Singh addresses housing affordability
09:10 Elections Canada lays out pandemic voting plans
11:15 Maj-Gen. Dany Fortin charged with sexual assault
12:45 Taliban opens fire on protesters in Jalalabad
13:15 Helping people get out of Afghanistan
15:35 What’s next for the Taliban regime?
18:22 Meng Wanzhou extradition hearing ends
18:52 R. Kelly’s sexual assault trial gets underway
21:49 Ontario PC fundraising letter blasted as a ‘scam’
22:17 Federal parties eye N.S. election surprises
25:38 Chef tires to earn 1st Michelin star for Filipino food
31:08 The big business of fake Google reviews
39:56 U.S. to offer COVID-19 booster shot
40:25 Back-to-school COVID-19 concerns
43:12 The Moment

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