ABC 7 news Bay Area:Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti



Lots of bad comments here.People,if you really want to help I put some info about the donation on the side bar.If you don’t have money to donate,just SPREAD the donation info to others AND I AM SURE someone will donate something.

More videos:

-Raw Footage Of Earthquake In Haiti 1/12/2010:

-Haiti earthquake footage..:


-Please text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to YELE HAITI.Your money will help with relief efforts. They need our help..please …

-Red Cross linked with Amazon so you can use your Amazon account to donate $ to Haiti:

-A group called Direct Relief International is organising medical aid to Haiti

-Haiti 911

-Red Cross:

-Red Cross donation:

-More Haiti Earthquake images:
My thoughts & prayers for those people in Haiti.& yes,help is on the way!!Shame those people on youtube who put Haiti earthquake pics just to gain views.

World Wide Earthquakes in the past 30+ hours:
Last 30+ hours:
-M 7.0 Haiti
-M 5.0, Luzon, Philippines
– M 2.8, Puerto Rico region
-M 5.4, Kepulauan Kai, Indonesia… See More
– M3.5 – 62.6 km (38.9 mi) W of Ferndale
– M 5.1, northeast of Taiwan
-M 4.9, Guatemala
-M 3.1, Southern California
-M 3.2, Mona Passage, Puerto Rico
-M 3.8, Unimak Island region, Alaska
-Magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattles Eureka in Northern California

More information:



-Yahoo news

‘Severe shaking’,’wide spread devastation’,’kids need medical attention’,’Haiti is NOT prepared for this wide spread devastation’,-CNN

Haiti’s infrastructure was among the world’s worst even in the best of times, the country’s ambassador to the U.S. said-CNN

-FAA, Miami center says it cannot establish communication with Haiti airport, will not send flights until link is made – NBC

-Catholic Relief Services describes situation in Haiti as “a total disaster”

-CNN donation:

How you can help:
• International Medical Corps
• Direct Relief International
• World Vision
• International Relief Teams
• Yéle Haiti
• American Red Cross
• Operation USA
• Catholic Relief Services
• World Food Programme
• World Concern
• Save the Children

*Help on it’s way:

-U.S. to give help
-California troops on there way to Haiti
-U.N. to help too

-Inter-American Development Bank to immediately provide $200,000 to Haiti in emergency aid – Reuters

-Members of Los Angeles Fire Department heading to Haiti to help with quake relief.


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