Istwa d'Ayiti (ti animasyon – “In Haiti: A road trip documentary”)


Watch the whole movie & check out the video interviews with the filmmakers:

Produced by:
Fabian Bohnet- Waldraff & Florian Wiesner

Associate Producer:
Sacha Nelson

Animations by:
Moritz Esser

Illustrations by:
Silke Jasper

Animation and illustration studio:
Die alte Blechnerei – Freiburg

Written by:
Florian Wiesner & Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff


An unique road trip. An unprecedented, genuine portrait of Haiti.

Filmed in Cap-Haitien, Hinche, Port-au-Prince and Petit Goave in 2008, two years before the devastating earthquake — world food prices were dramatically increasing and an UN peacekeeping mission was going on. The film is a record of pre-earthquake Haiti.

In Haiti follows the two filmmakers and friends, Florian Wiesner and Fabian Bohnet-Waldraff on a month-long road trip through the island. During their journey they get immersed in the different and complex aspects of haitian reality. 
Instead of focusing on the usual poverty/violence topics seen in the mass media, the filmmakers present a colorful and deeper picture of the country and its people. The movie is also about road stories, improbabilities, impressions and anecdotes.

Some of the issues explored by this documentary are: The school and health system, the causes of deforestation and food insecurity. An insight is also given on the history of the country and the voodoo religion.


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