Haiti – Moments in paradise


Haiti – Moments in paradise

Haiti is a Caribbean country that occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.Tranquil beaches, tumbling waterfalls and pine-tree-capped mountains dot the varied and striking landscape, easily rivaling the natural beauty found anywhere else in the Caribbean. The world’s only successful slave rebellion happened here, and the music, art and culture that came with it make Haiti entirely unique. As those who come to assist Haiti often learn, an encounter with the soul of this fascinating, beautiful country often benefits a traveler just as much.

It is extremely helpful when travelling in Haiti to have a local contact, through a church, a hotel, or just through making friends with someone. Experiences like dining locally, riding on a tap-tap, or strolling through one of the insanely crowded outdoor markets are great fun and very worth doing but are much safer and easier if you have a trusted Haitian to go along as a guide and interpreter.

Cities of Haiti :

Île à Vache
Les Cayes

Labadee is a resort leased long term by Royal Caribbean International. Although sometimes described in advertisements as an island in its own right, it is actually contiguous with the rest of Hispaniola. Labadee is fenced off from the surrounding area. The cruise ships arrive and dock at a newly constructed pier. Attractions include a Haitian Flea Market, traditional Haitian dance performances, numerous beaches, water sports, and a waterpark. But be aware that you have to pay to get inside. Also be aware that Haitians are not allowed to come inside, so almost all your spendings go to Royal Caribbean International and not to the people of Haiti.

Lately the city of Jacmel, due to its reputation as being less politically volatile, its French colonial era architecture, its colourful cultural carnival, pristine beaches and a nascent film festival has been attracting local tourists and a small amount of international tourism. The main attraction of Haiti is for sure the Citadelle La Ferriere, which is the largest fort of the americas. It was build as a safety measure against attacks from France, after the people who were brought to Haiti as slaves and their descendants defended themselves against the French colonialists and established the first black republic.

The 27 historic vestiges of Mole Saint Nicolas, North West, a strategic bay at the enter of Canal du Vent, also called Gibraltar of America. Macaya National Park – Often forgotten, a lot of Haiti’s forestation still stands here. Massive de la Hotte – Beautiful flat in Haiti’s south, fit for hiking. Forêt de Pins – a pine forest in the South East of Haiti containing the highest mountain in Haiti, Pic La Selle.

Haitian cuisine is typical of Caribbean métissage, a wonderful mix of French and African sensibilities. It is similar to its Spanish Caribbean neighbours yet unique in its strong presence of spices. Roast goat called ‘kabrit’, morsels of fried pork ‘griot’, poultry with a Creole sauce ‘poulet creole’, rice with wild mushroom ‘du riz jonjon’ are all wonderful and tasty dishes.

Despite obstacles, Haiti’s rich culture and history has allowed the country to maintain a moderate and potentially rising tourist industry. For the most part independent travel around Haiti is not really practical or recommended, however there has been a slow revival of tourism since the earthquake. Tour Haiti is one of a few travel companies based in Port-au-Prince and is a useful point of call if you are planning a trip to Haiti.

A lot to see in Haiti such as :

Citadelle Laferrière
Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien
Bassin Bleu
Pic la Selle
Morne Blanc
Place Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Les Arcadins
Pic Macaya National Park
Kokoye Beach
Grotte Marie-Jeanne
Cap Carcasse
Sans-Souci Palace
Pashan Lake
Place Saint-Pierre
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Port-au-Prince
Massif de la Hotte
Grosse Caye
Pont Rouge
Morne Bois-Pin
Lake Péligre
La Trompeuse
Île à Cabrits
Morne du Cibao
Montagnes du Cibao
Morne Jean
Île Permantois
Acul Bay
Cascade Touyac
Cathédrale de Milot

Haiti is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Haiti. Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Haiti.

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